Welcome everyone to San Kamphaeng District where is a road of culture, art and traditional way of life, Thai silk village is

 a conserved cultural tourist attraction that inside of the store decorated in traditional lifestyles shows about mulberry farming

 style, silk reeling, natural dyeing and weaving. This aims to give support to local people to get job and to disseminate 

Thai culture related to silk weaving to be known by tourists and foreign customers.

Thai Silk is one of Thailand’s proud symbols. It is recognized worldwide for its color, special texture and fascinating insight in to a unique fabric, which are different from silk found elsewhere.

The production of silk starts with the silk moth. The moth lays eggs which develop into silk worms. The worms are fed

on mulberry leaves until they are one month old. When they build a cocoon from their spittle. The cocoon is put into boiling

 a cocoon from their spittle. The cocoon is put into boiling water, and the silk thread is then extracted. About 500 meters 

 from each cocoon. Thee thread is then dyed with either chemical or natural colors, and then washed in special treatments to 

soften the fabric. The silk is then woven on a handloom to produce the final silk product.

Various products of silk worm are provided within store e.g. silk, printed silk, ready-cut silk, natural color-dyed scarf and other 

products continued developing as skin-nourishing cosmetics made by cocoon in brand of Silk Plus which is currently favor 

for Thai and foreign tourists.