"Thai Silk" is one of the proud symbols of Thailand.

 It is recognized worldwide for its colorful, special texture and fascinating insight into a unique fabric, which are discerningly different from silk products found elsewhere.

Thai Silk Village was established in October 1991.

  It was formally known as Le  Bombyx  Societe  Anonyme and was one of the original and famous among the traditional  Sankampaeng shops. Firstly, the shop focused its sales on retails only especially to tourists who travel in Chiang mai area.

In 1997, when international opportunity acquired, we have expanded towards oversea market.

By attending both local and international trade exhibitions, the company has started exporting to major countries around the world using Thai Silk Village brand name.

Now we employ more than 95 people in our office and showroom, and more than 500 villagers around the area at the factory.

We provide a wide variety of product designs such as Thai Silk Fabric

We provide a wide variety of
product designs such as
Thai Silk Fabric

Which are achieved by different weaving techniques, plain color, tie dye, ikat type silk known as Mudmee is a Thai traditional style.

Within the showroom, we provide a wide variety of selections. From loom to finished products.

Offering different choices of Thai Silk fabric which are achieved by creative weaving techniques, dyed color method, batik production as well as typical Thai style Mudmee fabric. The ready-to wear section is the combination of clothes for men and women, personal items such as ties and scarves and also including silk accessories. Tailor-made is also available within 24 Hours to fit your needs. The latest range is the home decorative items, covering from living room, dining fable to your bedroom.