Though Thai Silk has durable and resilient qualities, it is a delicate fabric that cannot be treated like linen or cotton. To maintain its original appearance, the fabric should be dry-cleaned.

Thai Silk can also be hand-washed, the most important thing being to use a mild soap or detergent. Rinse the silk item in tepid water (not over 48.6 degrees Celsius) as many times as necessary. Gently press excess water from the fabric by hand – do not wring. In the last rinse, add a spoonful of clear white vinegar to retain its original luster and allow it to drip dry in the shade.

Do not put Thai Silk into a washing or dry cleaning machine. It is advisable to iron Thai Silk on the reverse side just before it is dry or put a damp cloth over the surface and iron over it.

-Thai Silk Village-